Thanks for a Great Product

Thanks for a Great Product

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I'm an avid reloader and a career engineer, however I've always disregarded product reviews as they seem to be more about people stroking their own ego by believing their opinion is of such high value than of the actual product. This being said I have recently ordered, recieved, loaded, and tested several different caliber and weights of your Raptor ESP series bullets (mainly in .338 [.338 lapua magnum cases] but in .308 and .50 as well), and I was struck speechless. The performance and accuracy was well above the expectations I derived from reading your online literature, as a design engineer I appreciate understatement of design as it relates to value, and you are the best I've found in that regard. I was so impressed I invited several other reloaders to try the rounds made with your bullets and everyone immediately pulled out their phones and started ordering them online right there on the range. In summation, thank you for a great product.

- Andrew Z.

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