Our goal from the beginning was to develop solid copper bullets that were the most accurate, flattest shooting bullet on the market that would have much better terminal performance than any other premium match grade bullet.

There is a reason our bullets have won more ELR (Extreme Long Range) shooting competitions than any other bullet on the market. Our manufacturing method allows our bullets to be exception in competition and lethal in the field. By trade we are machinists, and because of this fact all bullets are inspected rigorously at appropriate intervals and documented accordingly to ensure all bullets are the same regardless of when they are purchased. Some of the information in the sections below will be repetitive, but we believe it’s imperative to drive home the major points about our bullet design and functionality.

When monolithic bullets came along, their inability to “upset” caused fliers which resulted in many match shooters avoiding them. This is how we developed our patented SealTite™ band. Read more about this patent and what it does HERE.

Around 2016, Applied Ballistics did testing on some of our bullets to measure the Ballistic Coefficiant Standard Deviation. The BC SD is a measurement of how much the BC of a bullet varies from shot to shot. The lower the SD number, the more consistent the bullet which is crucial for accuracy, especially at longer ranges. Their findings were incredible. Our MTH/MTAC bullets were found to have a .5-.7% BC SD and our LAZER line had an unprecedented .3-.5% BC SD. For reference, some of the others they tested had up to a 3.2% BC SD. This shed light on why our bullets are exceptional at long ranges. BC number is important, but BC SD is even more crucial. After all, its not about hitting the target once; it’s about hitting it repeatedly and predictably.
To read more about our LAZER line, click HERE.


Terminal Performance

We take a different approach to terminal performance. Instead of a mushrooming bullet that peels back and creates a single would channel, all of our hollowpoint are designed to shed petals. After 1-2” of penetration, our bullets will shed 4-8 petals (depending on product line and impact velocity). These petals radiate outwards away from the main wound channel while the base continues.
We do not prefer to use the term “fragmenting” because this insinuates that the bullet comes apart into an unpredictable number of numerous tiny pieces. Our bullets are designed to be more controlled with the same number of pieces breaking off every time. We believe that larger petals carry more energy and produce substantial terminal performance in comparison to numerous small pieces.

The number of petals you get with our bullets is dependent on the product line and impact velocity. The product line also determines the size of the petals you will get.
MTH™: 3-6 smaller petals that follow the main wound channel
LAZER™: 3-6 medium size petals that radiate outward
MAXIMUS™: 4-8 large petals that radiate outward from the main wound channel
RAPTOR™: 4-6 large petals that radiate outward from the main wound channel
Our PHD™ Personal Home Defense ammunition is designed the same way. After 1-2” of penetration, 4 large petals break off and radiate outward while the base continues. Our defense ammunition is loaded to standard pressures to ensure over penetration will not occur.


Copper Fouling and Monolithics

When people hear solid copper bullets, many people immediately think of copper fouling. Copper fouling is prevalent in solid copper bullets due to the hot gasses escaping around the bullet as it exits the barrel. These gasses heat up the soft copper and plates it onto the inside of your barrel leading to inaccuracies when shooting and increased cleanings. This shy’s many away from monolithics. With the development of our patented SealTite™ band, which is exclusive to our bullets, copper fouling is no longer an issue. This feature creates a complete seal as the bullet exits the barrel which means that no hot gasses escape around the bullet and plating is substantially reduced. Shooters switching from another brand of monolithic bullet will notice a significant reduction in copper fouling with our bullets.
Click HERE to read more about our patented SealTite band.