Simply Outstanding

Simply Outstanding

“I wanted to take a second to write and tell you about the great performance I experienced using your 300gr ESP Raptor out of my 416 Remington on a black bear on Prince of Wales Island. I was backing up my partner who was shooting a 300 Win Mag with run of the mill cup/core bullets. Early the first morning of hunting he had an opportunity at a broadside shot at 30yds on a bear while it was feeding on a salmon stream. While his aim was true, the bullet failed to penetrate, coming apart on the near side shoulder. In a flash the bear was back into the thick wet timber. Lacking an exit hole, the blood trail was sparse and sporadic with a drop of blood every 10 yards or so. After tracking the bear approximately 125yds into the timber, often on hands and knees, the boar jumped onto a log heading straight away from us at 10 yards. Confident that the rifle/cartridge was up to the task, I took the only shot available; hitting the fleeing animal a few inches left of the base of the tail. The bear fell as if a carpet had been pulled out from under him and we were able to retrieve a beautiful trophy. The bullet had penetrated the entire length of the animal, exiting the right side of the chest. Later while skinning, two petals were recovered in the front left shoulder. As the bullets were moving a moderate 2500fps at the muzzle, the combination of terminal effect and penetration were simply outstanding.”

- David W.

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