Bullet Performed Flawlessly

Bullet Performed Flawlessly

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"I first became aware of CEB in early 2011 while preparing for a Zimbabwe Elephant hunt scheduled for September of that year. I was soon convinced I wanted to try their BBW#13 from my .458Lott. I settled on the 450gr. solid in combination with the 420gr. Non-Con and found that they shot to the same POA/POI. When the opportunity came for my Elephant, it was necessary to take the shot in a wooded area and the decision was made to use the shoulder shot to disable and anchor the Elephant, thereby preventing the potential escape of a wounded animal. The bullet performed flawlessly and came to rest under the hide of the off shoulder. The Elephant went down immediately and did not rise again. I've taken a number of dangerous game animals over the years, with a variety of large bore african calibers and premium bullets, and have experienced a few unexpected bullet failures along the way. I am convinced that CEB is producing the next generation of bullets and that they are the best option in todays market. They will be going back to Africa with me as my exclusive bullet for both dangerous game and plains game in August 2012."

- Mike Nice
  Internationally known big game hunter and world record holder

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