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50 BMG 660 Gr MTAC

Difficult to find exact load data. Based my loads off similar rounds. Have yet to collect data. Will post when I do. If anyone has good load data on these love to see it!

Outstanding Quality

Very high quality product, and customer service was excellent when researching the initial purchase

Great bullets

Very consistent and accurate bullet for my 338 lapua. First time buyer and now a favorite of mine. Definitely going to be a return customer

Loading the 8.6 Blackout

I was looking for a solid copper Bullet to try in my new 8.6 Blackout Build it has a super fast 1 in 3 twist and I sent a msg to your company and The Reply was to try this 175 grain Bullet, well I was so Overjoyed with the way the the Bullet Loaded, Shot, and the Groups were 3/4 moa, Awesome. Will definitely Be ordering more.

Great product

This is a must have product if you’re shooting muzzleloader Maximus bullets.

Thank you for your positive review! We agree, is certainly a must for anyone shooting the Maximus muzzleloader bullets. Happy shooting!

Dangerous Game Changer

These are the Bullet for all Dangerous Game period . No more mushroom bullets this is the future . Accuracy tolerances but a wound channel performance that is unmatched .

Wipe-Out Patch Out
Kent Emerick
Another great product from Cutting Edge!

Run a patch thru your bore with this stuff wait about 5 minutes run a dry patch through the bore and its clean.

Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. We agree, It certainly saves a lot of time and frustration. Happy shooting!

Preformed as advertised very accurate

The best

When used with Wipeout/Patch out, this combination really goes after tough carbon/copper fouling.

416 Barrett 550 grain Lazers

We’ve already tagged 3000 yards w these, still tinkering w load development though. Others have done much more w it! It’s clearly the goto tip for the 416!

Thanks for taking the time to write a review! We are stoked to hear you got to 3000yds with these 550gr Lazers. The 416 Barrett is tough to beat for ELR! Thanks for using CEB!

Had loading 22 LR, RF

I purchaced the "bundle" to use on a CU dedacated build, with a 1:6 twist that has yet to see the light of day, (still waiting on a barrel). Cutting edge also does not want their copper bullets shot through choked rimfire chamber. So I resorted to useing my Kimber 22 LR. The 32 g bullets with xxg of HS-6 punches out at a whopping 1583 FPS. The group is larger than i would like measureing just less than 0.834" @ 100 yds @ 9,890' ASL. The 43g bullets have smaller groups, but i have a harder time getting the velocity without over presure signs. The diffrence between a good clean round, pressure signs, and a ruptured rim is a hairs breath on a really expensive powder measure. The process is tedious at very least, and as satisfying as the thwack you hear on a distant prairie dog impact. There are some down sides it this process, but they don't measure up to one success of the roll your own 22 LR project. I'm having an additional 22 LR/CF gun built with the 1:6" twist that should solve the ruptured rim phenomenon. Still waiting on that bolt as well. If you decide to purchace the "Bundel" get prepared to be amazed, im looking forward to lots and lots of fun just seeing what the next chapter brings.

22lr Reloading Tray
Jon Springer
22LR stuff

I am really enjoying the 22LR reloading activity ... Cutting Edge is a great source of small caliber, esp., 22LR, stuff.

Great products

Always fast shipping and accurate in all my guns highly recommend trying them out this pic is the 110 grain raptor 6.5 creedmoor 3 shot 100 yards with sig cross

Great product

Just developed a load and was very happy with the .3 moa. The card they provided with the bullets, that suggests bullet jump was helpful. Great bullet

338 250 gr lazers

Haven't had a chance to shoot the bullets yet as my 338 edge is still being built. I'm sure the bullets will perform superbly as I have shot them in my 300 rum and in my 37550 improved with impressive results.

5 stars

Great bullets

Everything seems excellent

Have not had an opportunity to shoot this yet, still working up a cartridge and load. Bought these for my 450 Alaskan. Worked up some dummies to work thru the loading gate on the lever rifle, model 71. With this bullet noise design cartridges slide smoothly through the loading gate and be load smoothly into the chamber at max recommended cartridge length. Great design, wonderful company. Customer service is second to none. Thanks Nikki

One less thing to worry about

My .375 Cheytac loves your bullets, and so do I. I don’t have to weigh them, or measure them, or point them, or trim them or sort them. They’re good right out of the box and consistent from lot to lot. Groups < 1.5” @1000 yds are common with no wind and when I am at my best. They shoot better than I do, and when I miss my mark, I’m confident it’s neither your bullets nor my rifle. The tape on my gong in the photo is 2”…When I have everything right, they shoot through the same hole at 100 yds. It’s not fair really to give you all the credit….My gunsmith was Robert Vestal;Joe Updike designed and built the chassis; and John Baker supplied my structured barrel.

Slow twist RUM

I built a slow twist RUM with a 28” barrel and it loves this bullet. Shoots 1/2 MOA at 4000fps. Devastating on eastern white tails at long range

Great Light Recoiling Load

Use this with a sabot in my daughter’s 45 cal smokeless muzzleloader for accurate easy recoiling load.

.375 175gr Rifle Maximus
Benjamin Burton

I used this bullet to build a custom 375 one off cartridge. It shoots 2400 fps and have it grouping at one quarter inch groups. Awsome company and Awsome bullets

For Slower Twists Rates

Great weight for my 1:12 375 RUM. Awesome.

Recent bullet/cartridge & 22LR dies purchase

I was quite impressed with these components. Quality is very excellent ... My present project is loading 22LR with non-lethal rubber/plastic bullets ... your copper 22 projectiles will be tried at the frequent matches our gun-club has for fun. Of course, everyone asks "why" load 22LR .... it is curiosity and just fun. I expect to graduate to 223 REM and larger calibers with Cutting Edge projectiles.



30cal 182 mtac single feed

Working them in a load for 300win so far I love them seem to be a fantastic bullet for target shooting just gotta tune my load a bit more.