Please contact us and we will provide you with load data we have in house or a recommended starting load from Quickload . Alternatively, you can look in any reputable manufacturers' reloading manual, find a similar weight bullet, and start .2 grain lower than the recommended load given and work up.

The single feed designation refers to the long projection length of the bullet, this is the portion of the bullet that will stick out of the case. The projection length, on our bullets, is from the SealTite Band to the tip of the bullet. This length does not allow the cartridge to fit SAMMI spec magazines. If you have an extended mag that allows the added length, then you can mag feed them with no issues.

Our patented SealTite Band can only go down into the case half the distance of the neck. So, unlike most lead core bullets, they cannot be seated deep enough to fit those Cartridge Overall Length standards.

A quick way to make sure a certain bullet will work in your specific rifle is to add our listed Projection Length to your brass length. This will give you your minimum Cartridge Overall Length.

Because of our bullets machined, monolithic design, they will not disintegrate no matter how fast you push them. In fact, we encourage people to push them as fast as they please.

This is our patented SealTite™ Band. It is a band slightly larger than caliber diameter designed to decrease gas blow-by, eliminating fliers.

All the required minimum twist rates are listed under each bullet on our website. Please note that this is REQUIRED, not recommended. You will not be able to stabilize a bullet if you have a twist rate slower than the listed minimum required twist rate.

All of our bullets are monolithic brass or copper making them lighter than traditional lead core bullets. You may be used to shooting a heavier bullet out of your rifle, but you may need to go lighter than usual with our bullets depending on twist rate. Don’t let this scare you away; think fast. Faster velocities means flatter shooting i.e., less drop.

Copper is softer and is also lead free for areas requiring non lead hunting. Copper tends to be a little higher BC than brass. Brass also tends to break up a little more violently than copper. Brass also tends to be better for your barrel and almost has a cleaning effect. Please note that brass has a trace amount of lead in it.

The bullets with black tips tend to have larger hollow points than our high BC MTH line. Without the tip, this large cavity creates drag, lowering BC. Because of this, we added a black polymer tip to help increase the BC.

Standard pressures and a low velocity sheer point (800fps) ensure the rounds do not over-penetrate and can be held to FBI specs for personal home defense ammunition. Standard pressure also allow for less recoil. Our bullets are light for caliber since they are solid copper, so therefore the overall weight of the cartridge will be lighter. This in addition to the standard pressures allow for a significant reduction in recoil which can be beneficial in defensive situations and also for shooters with smaller frames.