Why do some of your bullets have "MAX" in the name? 


Why do some of your bullets have "MAX" or "Single Feed" in the name?


Some of our bullets have "MAX" in the part number which means they are single feed. These bullets will not feed in standard magazines, including a box magazine.

Our patented SealTite® band is a feature unique to only our bullets. We recommend this band be seated right outside the case neck. On our single feed or "MAX" bullets, this band is located further down on the body of the bullet creating a projection length too long to be fed in a magazine.

On our website, you will see we offer some of our bullets in both a "MAX" and a standard version. Some people prefer the MAX version in order to get the most case capacity for maximum velocity.

Picture of SealTite™ Band in Chamber

Some people have custom magazine who allow them to magazine feed cartridges longer than SAMMI Spec standard OAL. If this is the case, you can find the projection length of our bullets on our technical data sheet to determine if you can mag feed.


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