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Why do I have to go lighter with your bullets?

More often than not, people switching to our bullets need to go lighter than what they are used to. This is because twist rate plays an incredibly important role in being able to stabilize our bullets. Because our bullets are solid copper (no lead core), they are light for caliber. In order to get an equivalent weight to lead core bullet, we add length to our bullets. 




The heavier the bullet, the longer it will be, and the faster the required twist rate will be. If you shoot one of our bullets but you do not have the minimum required twist rate or faster, you will not be able to stabilize that bullet.


 It’s also important to mention that velocity will NEVER be enough to overcome a lack of minimum required twist rate.


You can find the minimum required twist rate for all of our bullets on the products page under the “more information” tab. You can also find a complete technical data sheet for all of our bullets under the “Technical Data” tab. 


A note about twist rates: Lower numbers = faster twist rate. If a minimum required twist rate on our website is listed as 1:10” or faster, this means you can use that bullet in a 1:10, 1:9, 1:8 etc.

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