Shooter Spotlight - David Adkins

Shooter Spotlight - David Adkins

This week we are featuring ELR shooter David Adkins, winner of the Unholy Alliance Match held at Black Bear Shooting Club in VA on March 17.

Targets were set at 1385yds, 1663yds, 1978yds, 1996yds, 2060yds, and 2109yds. Each competitor had 5 shots at each target. 

David won the heavy class with his 50BMG and our 800gr LAZER. 

All top 3 shooters in Heavy class in this match were using Cutting Edge Bullets:

David Adkins – 50BMG – 800gr Lazers
Hunter Brewer - 375 Cheytac 400gr Lazers 
Scott McDermott – 375 Cheytac 400gr Lazers

Interview with David Adkins

Match Name/Date/Location of your Win: 
Unholy Alliance, 3/17/2024, Black Bear Shooting Club, Gladstone VA  

How long have you been shooting Extreme Long Range? 
Since 2019

What drew you to Extreme Long Range competitive shooting? 
I have always been interested in shooting longer and farther than a normal deer rifle should be shot at game.   I was in Raton NM for the FCSA 50 World Championships in the summer of 2018 and watched the finals of the Ko2M and decided to modify a 50 BMG to give ELR a try.  My first match was in Blakely GA in the Spring of 2020 and finished 2nd!  I was hooked ever since!

 What drew you to Cutting Edge Bullets and how did you hear about us? I heard of Cutting Edge Bullets from other competitors.   Everyone said they are the best out there, so I ordered up a few boxes for testing and my guns loved them! 

Have you shot other monolithic bullets before?  If so, what convinced you to change brands? 
 I started out using brass monolithic bullets for 1000 yard competitions and they shot very well.  I tried the MTAC line of copper Cutting Edge Bullets and they seemed to do better in my guns.   Then stepping into ELR distances the Lazers line of Cutting Edge Bullets was an obvious choice to try!  The SDs and ES for the Lazers are amazing, so that's why I shoot the 800 grain Lazers. 

In your opinion, what is the biggest difference between monolithic bullets and lead core bullets that you’ve experienced while shooting? 
I think the biggest difference is that you can push the monolithic bullets much faster with more twist than lead core bullets.  I have witnessed many lead core bullets come apart leaving the barrel of other competitors.  I also don't have to sort Cutting Edge Bullets.  Which is a great time savings for me.

What are your goals for the 2024 season?  
My Goals for the 2024 season are simple!  

-Hit a lot of steel plates.  
-Multi Impacts at 2 Miles.  
-Win more matches!  I have had a lot of podium finishes but not enough wins!
-Practice some.   

Congrats to David on this awesome win! We can't wait to see what you do this season. 


About the Bullet

David Adkins was using our 800gr LAZER out of his 50BMG for this win. Our Lazer line has consistently been the top Extreme Long Range bullet of choice for the past 5 years running. While our LAZER line has a lower BC than our MTH or MTAC line of bullets, the LAZER line has an unprecedented Extreme Spread BC number. The Extreme Spread BC number is the measure of consistency in BC value from shot to shot. To read more about our LAZER line, click HERE.