#1 Extreme Long Range Bullet = Hunting Bullet?

#1 Extreme Long Range Bullet = Hunting Bullet?

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Did you know our most popular extreme long range bullet was originally designed for hunting?

As you may already know, we are the #1 bullet of choice of extreme long range champions. The bullet line of choice is predominately the LAZER® line which you will see people like Jeff Medlin use to set the record for longest impact made in competition, or like Derek Love use to set the current cold bore world record at 2,585yds.  

Interestingly enough, the LAZER line was not intended for match use when it was originally designed. This bullet was designed specifically for hunting at long ranges with better terminal performance than the MTH and at longer distances 



About the Design
The LAZERS are a two-piece bullet; a solid, copper bullet and a black polymer tip. These two pieces are manufactured separately and are then assembled. The purpose of this tip is to help during flight because this bullet has a very large, deep hollow point. Without the tip the BC would be substantially lower. Being a two-piece bullet is also the reason that this is our most expensive line.  
This hollow point Is designed so that after 1-2” of penetration, 3 petals break off and radiate outward while the base continues. Our ballistics gel testing has proven that this design is effective in creating extreme terminal performance for maximum stopping power at longer distances than the MTH.  

  Demonstration of the terminal performance of our LAZER line in ballistics gel. This Lazer produced more than 3 petals because of the high impact velocity.



Around 2016, Applied Ballistics did testing on some of our bullets. Their findings are what took the LAZER® line from being a high trauma hunting bullet to an extreme long range champion bullet. They found that the BC number on our MTH (Match/Tactical/Hunting) and MTAC (Match/Tactical) bullets are higher, but the consistency of the BC on the LAZER™ line is unprecedented.  
High BC matters, but even more important when shooting long distances is how consistent the BC number is from shot to shot. The LAZER® line had .3-.5% BC standard deviation numbers. As a comparison, some other manufacturers bullets can have up to a 3.2% BC standard deviation numbers. Our MTH and MTAC bullets typically have a BC SD of .5-.7% so they are excellent but still not as good as a Lazer. This is the reason the Lazers are the bullet of choice for the King of 2 Miles champion for the past 4 consecutive years.  

So what is it?
We still cannot say with 100% certainty what causes our LAZER® line to have such consistent BC numbers but are certain it has to do with the relationship of body to tip length and diameter ratio. We know a large part of the accuracy is in our patented SealTite® band which creates a complete seal as the bullet exits the barrel. Beyond that, there are several different theories on what makes this design so effective, but none of them are 100% confirmed. For now, all we know is that the LAZER® line will continue to be the #1 choice for extreme long range shooters as well as an extremely deadly hunting bullet.  


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