Our OG Solid Copper Bullet Line:  MTAC & MTH

Our OG Solid Copper Bullet Line: MTAC & MTH

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When we started manufacturing bullets in 2006, these were design that started it all. 

In 2006, founder of Cutting Edge Bullets, Dan Smitchko (also known as dad by me), decided to design his own line of solid copper, machined bullets. Having been a machinist for 20+ years, Dan had the ability to design and manufacture many iterations before settling on the very first product lines: The MTH (Match/Tactical/Hunting) and MTAC (Match/Tactical) lines. 


About the Design

Like most of our other product lines, these bullets are solid copper, and turned on a CNC lathe making them extremely concentric and thus, unbelievably accurate. These lines also feature our Patented SealTite™ Band which is the key to making monolithic bullets fly. While monumental bullets once had a bad rap in the competition shooting world because of their inability to "upset" when being fired, our patented SealTite™ Band has completely resolved this issue. Read more about the SealTite™ Band in our post


Our MTAC™ Match/Tactical bullet line is a solid, non expanding bullet intended for target use only. The MTH™ Match/Tactical/Hunting bullet is its hollow point counterpart.

The MTH bullets are designed to shed 4-6 small petals after 1-2" of penetration while the base continues. These small petals follow alongside the main wound channel as the base exits. This design shreds internal organs and which drops game quickly and effectively.  


A Match Made in Heaven

Another interesting aspect of the MTH/MTAC line is their ability to be paired. We designed these lines so that each MTAC has a matching MTAC in similar weight. This allows the shooter to use the solids for target and load development, and use that same exact load for the MTH when it's time for the hunt. Example below shows the MTH 308 180gr and MTAC 308 182gr.

MTH and MTAC Pair



Thank you for reading!

If you ever have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to us at support@cuttingedgebullets.com.

-Samantha Smitchko
VP of Business Development 


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