Monolithic Dangerous Game Hollow Points and Solids

Monolithic Dangerous Game Hollow Points and Solids

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Thick skin, aggressive game, charging animals... Dangerous game hunting is no joke.


We designed our Safari RAPTOR (DGBR-HP)  and Dangerous Game Solids (DGBR) to handle the toughest situations imaginable in the hunting environment.  



Our DGBR Dangerous Game Solids were designed to out penetrate any other bullet on the market. After years of testing these solids alongside Michael McCourry, founder of B&M Rifles and Cartridges, our BBW#13 nose profile was found to provide the deepest penetration out of every design revision created. 



While most shy away from using any type of hollow point on dangerous game, our Safari Raptors have proved over and over again that they offer the best of both worlds: deep penetration and massive terminal performance.  
Interested in seeing our Safari RAPTOR bullets in action? Check out these videos from Tim Herald of Worldwide Trophy adventures. 




 Why Brass? 

You may have noticed most of our dangerous game bullets (with the exception of some smaller caliber DGSC bullets) are manufactured out of solid brass. This is due to the fact that brass breaks apart much more violently than copper, thus it is better capable of penetrating tough tissue. It is also more rigid, which prevents it from deforming as it travels through your target. As you can see from the bullet recovered below, there is very little deformation that occurs which is ideal when hunting large/dangerous game. 

Recovered Dangerous Game Solid in Elephant
As usual if you have any questions, reach out to use!
-Samantha Smitchko
VP of Business Development 

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