NEW Heavy .308 LAZERS

NEW Heavy .308 LAZERS

NEW Heavy .308 Caliber LAZER Bullets


Our new heavier Lazer bullets in .308 caliber are now available!

General info:

LZR 308 220 MAX – 1-8” Twist or Faster - .315 G7

LZR 308 240 MAX – 1-7” Twist or Faster – Preliminary .375 G7, more testing to be conducted with proper twist.


Key features:

  • Single feed only bullets perfect for cartridges like the .300HCM and .300 Norma.
  • Same predictability that you’d get with our big bore bullets in ELR situations


Special thank you to Jeff Brozovich at for testing these bullets for us! You can follow his load development by following the thread in the reloading section.

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