NEW .308 Subsonic RAPTOR

NEW .308 Subsonic RAPTOR

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The Subsonic Raptor Has been Redesigned

Our original .308 190gr Subsonic Raptor has been out for many years now, and has proven to be one of the most effective Subsonic bullets on the market. However, as technology advances and new issues come to light, we decided to not only modify the design, but expand the line as well.

Design Changes


We changed the design of the subsonic Raptors so that they shed much larger petals than the original version. The image on the right is a great comparison between the older version and the new version. They still shed 4 blades after

1-2” of penetration and will expand at subsonic velocities.

The original version was also a bit difficult to reload because the blades would collapse upon seating the bullet. The new version is designed to withstand the force of seating the bullet.

Weight additions


In addition to the 190gr, we also added a 215gr and 230gr.

Twist rate requirements:

190gr- 1:8”

215gr- 1:7”

230gr- 1:7”


The heavier weights were added in light of the new Sig Sauer 300 Blackout subsonic rifles that have a 1:5” twist. The 190gr bullets were much too light for a 1:5” twist rate, and the bullets were expanding before hitting the target. The 215gr and 230gr solve this problem, and the bullets stay together until penetrating 1-2” as intended.


The new Subsonic Raptors will be available soon! Check back to see availability by visiting this page --> FB Raptors.