NOTICE: Current and Prospective Sponsored Shooters

NOTICE: Current and Prospective Sponsored Shooters

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As of 6/17/19, our match sponsorship program has been slightly modified to follow new protocols.

Prospective Match Shooters

Any match shooter at any time may submit an application for sponsorship, but the applications will not be reviewed until December of each year for the following year. Therefore, all applications are due by December 1 for the upcoming season.

For example, this December 2019, we will be reviewing applications for the 2020 season. This means applications for the 2020 season are due by December 1. All shooters will be notified by January 1, 2020 if they will or will not be offered a sponsorship.

Please note:

If you do not have any prior match experience or if you leave the “match experience” field blank on your application, your application will automatically be eliminated for consideration.

Current Sponsored Shooters

If you are a current sponsored shooter, you will need to fill out an app and resubmit it each December for the upcoming season. We do this so we can review your performance during the past year, update your contact info, and see what matches you plan on participating in for the upcoming year. During the review process in December, we will determine if your sponsorship will continue or if it will be modified. Shooters also have the right to negotiate their terms at this time if they wish for anything to be adjusted.

All sponsored shooters will be emailed a copy of the application in November and it will be due by December 20th.


Before you submit your application…

Please note that you are expected to participate in any matches that you list on your application for the upcoming year. After two of the listed matches are missed, your sponsorship will be terminated. You are always welcome to resubmit your application for the following year at any time.

Click HERE to view our sponship page and download the app!

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