Our Meanest Bullets Yet: The RAPTOR

Our Meanest Bullets Yet: The RAPTOR

FB Raptor, ER Raptor, ESP Raptor, Safari Raptor.... Ever visit our website and wonder "What the hell is the difference?"

With over 400 different bullets on our website and multiple product lines with "Raptor" in them, we admit it can be confusing. This post provides a complete breakdown of our different Raptor® bullets and the difference between them.

But first, here are their similarities:


Terminal Performance

No matter which Raptor® line you see on our website, the underlying way they were designed to perform is the same. When you see "Raptor", think EXTREME terminal performance. The purpose of these bullets is to create a massive amount of trauma to get game on the ground quickly.  All of the Raptor bullets shed 6 blades that break off and radiate outwards after 1-2" of penetration while the base continues through. Notice we specified 6 "blades". This is because our bullets are NOT frangible, but fracturing. These bullets will always shed 6 "blades" rather than blow to numerous, uncalculated small pieces. Check out our post about this fracturing design for more info.  

Raptor bullet ballistics gel test
It's worth mentioning that all of our hollow point bullets, no matter what product line they are in, will all function this way. The main difference is the size of the "blades" or petals that break off. To see all the major difference between our hunting bullets, check out our Hunting Bullet Comparison post


Effective Range

Unfortunately, in order to make our Raptor lines cause a massive amount of terminal performance, we had to sacrifice some BC. This is because of the large hollow point in the tip that allows it to expand in this manner. Because of this, the effective range on our Raptors is 0-600yds. We would argue that BC numbers are not detrimentally important inside of 800yds, therefore the Raptor lines are perfect for those hunting within that range. 

So what are the differences?

The ER line is all copper for those in lead free areas. The ER Raptors also feature our patented SealTite®Band

Available in calibers: .224-.375
Applications: hunting
For ranges: 0-600yds
Functions down to: 1500fps





The FB (Flat Base) Raptor and ESP (Enhanced System Projectile) Raptor are designed to function just like the ER Raptor mentioned above, but are constructed of brass instead of copper. The FB Raptor was designed to offer more case capacity for specialty cartridges such as the Subsonic 300 Blackout, supersonic 300 Blackout, .458 SOCOM and 450 Bushmaster.

The ESP Raptors are a boat tail design that can be used as a hollow point or a solid - all while being able to use the same load. Simply flip the bullet around and load as usual. These bullets come with additional black tips, uninstalled. 

Available in calibers: .224-.458
Applications: hunting
For ranges: 0-500yds
Functions down to: 1500fps



Honorable Mention:

When it comes to our Safari bullets, we put them into a category all their own. These two lines are specifically designed for dangerous game hunting, but function the same way as the rest of our Raptors do. The biggest difference is that these two are designed for big bore rifles. 





We hope this clarified any question you may have had about the differences in our Raptor® lines. As always, don't hesitate to email us at support@cuttingedgebullets.com if you have any questions!

-Samantha Smitchko
VP of Business Development

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