Why Are Your Bullets Lighter?

Why Are Your Bullets Lighter?

The number one question we get asked the most is why our bullets tend to be lighter than others.

Our bullets are all manufactured out of solid copper and brass bar stock.

Since they lack a lead core, they also lack the weight that lead provides. But don’t let that shy you away from shooting a lighter bullet. A lighter bullet means you can push them faster, ultimately leading to flatter trajectory and deep penetration. Since our bullets are constructed out of solid copper and brass bar stock, they will not come apart in flight or “disintegrate” so to speak. You can push them as fast as you wish.

Barstock Comparisons

The tricky part comes in deciding on which weight use. The number one thing to look at when deciding on a bullet is twist rate. Under the “Technical Information” tab under each bullet on our website, it lists the minimum required twist rate in order to shoot that bullet. Now this is the minimum REQUIRED twist rate, it is not just a recommendation. The reason this is so essential is because our heavier bullets are much longer than a conventional lead-core bullet, so in order for a heavier weight bullet offering to stabilize, it will require a faster twist rate. If the twist rate is too slow, the bullet won’t shoot and will key hole.