CEB Reviews: Sold on the Copper Raptor

CEB Reviews: Sold on the Copper Raptor

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At just under 200 yards, Ryan placed his round (150 gr .308 Copper Raptor from his WSM) just behind the right shoulder. The bull immediately shuttered, with what both he and the guide described as “a hit from a freight train”. He lowered his head and looked as if he was going to attempt to take a step, at which point Ryan fired another round at the request the guide. As there was a steep drop off, 10 yards from the bull, there was concern for damage to the antler or hide.

The second shot landed within an inch of the first- the bull fell straight to the ground, without even a kick. The internal wound channel was massive. Everything Cutting Edge said these bullets would do, they did, to the "T".

There's no doubt or lack of confidence when going into the field with these ever… period. The bull ended up with a 402 3/8" SCI score. He's a 7x8 with a broken off point at the right side whale tail. The bases are 14 inches alone, and he carries a huge amount of mass throughout the antler.

From the first day when Ryan showed the bullets to his guide, then shot his rifle to show proficiency, he was quite impressed. Once he shot the bull, they were both sold on the Copper Raptor.

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