Welcome to the new Cutting Edge Bullets Experience.

Welcome to the new Cutting Edge Bullets Experience.

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It's been a LONG time coming....


Yes, we FINALLY did it. Our new website is here! For any of you who frequent our website, chances are it was down or not operational at least once during your visits over the past few years. After struggling through it for a while, we decided it was time. 



Please note that you should have received an Activation Email from us. You need to follow the link in the email sent in order to activate your old account on our new website. The activation email will look like this:

If you don't do this, you won't be able to use your previous account on our new website. If you don't see the email or need it resent, please email us at support@cuttingedgebullets.com and we will get you taken care of!


Notable Features: 

Better Navigation 

We made a few small changes to the navigational menu in an attempt to better refine your search results. With over 380 different bullets, we found the filter results on our old website to be a bit too daunting. 



You now have the ability to create a favorites list that saves to your customer account. Create lists for each of your handgun/rifles and send them to your email (or drop a hint to a loved one). 


It's about time, right? Now you can earn 1 for every $1 you spend. You also get points for following us on social and creating an account. Redeem these points for cash discounts on future orders. The best part? We added points to your account for any purchases made within the past 3 months. 

New Payment Option

We added Sezzle as a payment option. Pay for your order in 4 equal, interest free

payments. It's super easy to get signed up and approved. 

Shipping Insurance

Now for a low fee, you will have the option to get your package fully insured. This service will be through Navidium Shipping Protection. Simply slide the button at checkout to take advantage of this service. 

Order Tracking/Updates

Our previous system was just the worst at sending out shipping confirmations.
This new website will send our timely, accurate shipping notifications!

And did you notice our new logo? 

We've had the same logo since our conception, so it's time to give it a little face lift. 

Cutting Edge Bullets Logo





Thank you all for being so incredibly patient with us for the past few years. Our previous website was pretty frustrating for all of us at times and we're sure our new one is going to provide a better experience for everyone!

We'd love your feedback! Send us an email at support@cuttingedgebullets.com and let us know what you love/hate about the new website. We're constantly trying to improve. 

-Samantha Smitchko
VP of Business Development 

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