Total Penetration

Total Penetration

"I am emailing you to complain about the performance of the Cutting Edge Bullets 570gr .500 Nitro Express solids I experienced last month in Botswana. I fired a total of 5 shots at a bull elephant. The elephant was facing us quartering to my left. The first 4 were fired into the front chest area, all 4 exited the right rear quarter area. The final bullet was fired between the ears as insurance but the elephant was already dead. My complaint is that I did not recover any bullets to put on my key chain/key ring. The 4 bullets fired into the body had an estimated 6-8 feet of penetration. I never had a problem like this in the past with the competions bullets. I have several other name brand bullets recovered from various animals I have hunted. I examine and weigh them to see how they held up. I am unable to do this with your product. As a CEB dealer and gun store owner this makes my job harder as I don't have the needed training aides to help prove and sell your bullets.

Both Professional Hunters that accompanied me on this hunt were very impressed with the total penetration of the CEB solids.

Thanks for a great bullet, even if I didn't get to keep it very long."

- Brian Bernardo
  Savannah Safaris Namibia


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