A Great Solid Copper Bullet

A Great Solid Copper Bullet

Total Penetration Reading A Great Solid Copper Bullet 2 minutes Next Accurate and Terminally Devastating

"When I got started into the long range game I looked for the highest copper BC bullet I could get do to that I live in California and can only hunt with solid copper. So that is why I went with cutting edge bullets but I needed a faster twist rate barrel. So I did a new benchmark barrel 1-8 twist for .284 to shoot 170 grain MTH bullet. After the gun was done I got a long range machine but the test would be in Wyoming this past year for a deer hunt. The first day I shot my buck on the run at 200 yards deer down. Then on day two my wife shot her buck at 300 yards she shot him in his bed and he never moved. Then on day three my wife's buddy that lived there in Wyoming spotted a buck bedded on a rock bluff late that afternoon at 1800+ yards. He asked me if he could use my gun to shoot that deer and of course I said you bet but we need to get you closer. So we got to 987 yards and he had never seen the long range shooting before so I had to get him calm and settled in and let one fly and another buck down. So now he is loading his 300 win mag with the 180 MTH bullets too. So if you are wanting a great solid copper bullet Cutting Edge is the ticket. Thank you Cutting Edge"

- Chris Zimmerman

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