Terminal Performance at Short Ranges- LAZER™

Terminal Performance at Short Ranges- LAZER™

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Terminal Performance at Close Ranges- LAZER™

When it comes to hunting, the goal is to get game on the ground as quickly as possible. This not only eliminates the need for tracking, but it also enables an ethical kill; two goals every hunter wishes to achieve.


The design of our LAZER™ bullet was designed to do just that. After 1-2” of penetration, 4-6 petals peel off of the front nose portion of the bullet while the base continues on for deeper penetration. Because they are solid copper, lathe turned projectiles, we are able to manufacture them to perform like this every time.

The main difference between our LAZER line and our RAPTOR line is the size of the petals that come off. The lazer will shed 4-6 large petals which penetrate deep and follow alongside the main wound channel. Our Raptor series sheds 6 smaller petals which shed after 1-2" after penetration and radiate ourwards in a 5-6" star pattern away from the main wound channel. The Raptor petals do not penerate as deep as the Lazer petals.


A big question that always arises is how these bullets perform at close ranges and high velocities. Many mushrooming or expanding bullets will explode or even disintegrate at high velocities, both of which do not allow for sufficient penetration.


Recently, Jordan Kauer took this Muley at 60yds using our 220gr LAZER out of his 300RUM.






These terminal performance photos tell the whole story. By looking at the exit wound, it is clear that the bullet expanded and shed its petals causing a massive amount of trauma as seen in the off side of the animal. There was certainly adequate penetration!

We want to not only congratulate Jordan on the beautiful bull, but thank him for sharing these photos with us. We always appreciate customer photos!


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