King of 2 Miles Recap- 2019

King of 2 Miles Recap- 2019

It's another year in the books and we are happy to announce Cutting Edge Bullets remains the reigning champion King of 2 Miles bullet!

The King of 2 Miles was held in Raton, New Mexico on June 29 - July 1 at the NRA Whittington Center. There were 80 shooters total, split into two groups across the first two days for qualification rounds. Here were the ranges and targets for qualifications on days 1 & 2:

Each shooter/spotter team (1 shooter, 2 spotters) had 9 minutes total to shoot 1 shot at the cold bore, 5 rounds at target 1 and 3 rounds at the targets 2-4. Shooters had to hit the target in order to advance to the next one (with the exception of the cold bore shot).

Here are the ranges for qualifications on day 3:

Each shooter had 10 minutes and, once again, had one shot at the cold bore target and 5 shots at targets 2 and 3. Impact had to be made at each target in order to advance to the next one.


All of the CEB teams had an excellent showing, and in the end, Paul Phillips of team Global Precision Group was dubbed the King of 2 Miles.

Congrats to Paul Phillips, Mark Lonsdale, and Derek Rodgers of team Global Precision Group on their victory!

Paul's setup:

Stock: McMillan beast stock

Action: Bat machine 50 action

Barrel: Bartlien barrels, 1-9 twist

Muzzle Brake: T5 terminator brakes

Gunsmith: Alex Sitman bedding

Optics: Nightforce 7-35 ATACR scopes in moa

Level: Holland’s scope level

Bipod: Phoenix precision bipods

Bags: Edgewood mini gator rear bags

Mats: Crosstac shooter mat, gross bipod Mat

Trigger: Bix N Andy triggers

Bullet: 550 Cutting Edge Laser

Brass: Barrett 416 brass

Powder: Vihtavuori 20N29 powder

Primers: RWS 50 caliber primers

Loading equipment: RCBS press and dies


We also want to give a big shoutout to those in the top 16 who qualified using our bullets:

Paul Phillips-KO2M (.416 550gr Lazer)
Robert Brantley-2nd (.416 500gr Lazer)
Derek Rodgers-3rd (.416 550gr Lazer)
Mark Lonsdale- 4th (416 550gr Lazer)
Derek Love-6th (.416 500gr Lazer)
Durvin Wick-9th (.416 500gr Lazer)
Gene Nowaczyk- 10th (.375 400gr Lazer)
Alan Stilwell- 13th (.375 375gr Lazer)
Jacyln Bryan- 14th (.375 377gr MTAC)
Jeff Parker- 15th (.375 400gr Lazer)

To show our support for the sport of ELR, we gave the top 3 shooters using CEB each day cash prizes. We also gave cash prizes to the top 3 shooters overall (which happened to be using CEB).

Day 1

1st: Robert Brantley- $300
2nd: Mark Lonsdale- $200
3rd: Durvin Wick- $100

Day 2

1st: Derek Rogers- $300
2nd: Paul Phillips- $200
3rd: Curtis Helton- $100

Day 3-

Top 3 using CEB:

1st: Paul Phillips- $500
2nd- Robert Brantley-$300
3rd- Derek Rogers- $200

Top 3 Overall:

1st: Paul Phillips- $500
2nd- Robert Brantley- $300
3rd- Derek Rogers- $200

Congrats to all our competitors on their amazing performance at this match. In ELR, there are so many parts to the equation that need to come together in order to be successful. We are honored so many of the shooters choose CEB to be a part of it.

Curious about the bullets? Click HERE to view our post covering the most popular bullet/cartridges used by the top shooters.

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