Shooter Spotlight - Josh Silby

Shooter Spotlight - Josh Silby

This weeks' Shooter Spotlight goes to Josh Silby, who set the record for furthest hit during competition in a match at 4,344yds! Not only did he break the record, it was also a first round impact. 

The previous record at 4,279 was set just 1 week prior by Pieter Eksteen. Josh set the new record on March 23 at the Spearpoint ELR March match with his 416 Hellfire and our 550gr LAZER. 

In case you were wondering what our 550gr Lazer looks like after a 4,344yds impact... 

Interview with Josh


Name/General Location:

 Josh Silby / Virginia 


Match Name/Date/Location of your Win:

 SpearPoint – March 23, 2024


How long have you been shooting Extreme Long Range? 

It was around 2019 when I finally found a place with access to targets over 2000 yards. 


What drew you to Extreme Long Range competitive shooting? 
Richie and Vince wouldn’t stop pestering me about it! Lol. 


What drew you to Cutting Edge Bullets and how did you hear about us? 

 I read about Cutting Edge Bullets in the FCSA quarterly magazine and at that time I was working on load development for two different 50 barrels. My first phone call to Cutting Edge Bullets landed me in a discussion with Nikki where she provided answers to my questions and helped me with bullet selection and load data.  


Have you shot other monolithic bullets before?  If so, what convinced you to change brands? 

 Yes, I had started with a different brand and became disappointed with weight and length inconsistencies. 


In your opinion, what is the biggest difference between monolithic bullets and lead core bullets that you’ve experienced while shooting? 

 The consistency, predictability, and ability to transition through trans and subsonic.


What are your goals for the 2024 season? 

  Developing a wind assessment process for myself for better data inputs and traveling to matches where I can reconnect with all the great folks I’ve met this past year. There’s nothing like debating and sharing experiences with everything shooting related with good friends. 


Tell us about your rifle and ammo: 

  • VA SILENT ARSENAL Custom 416 Hellfire Chamber with PT&G Tooling
  • 36” Lilja Barrel 1-9 Twist - Fluted
  • Pierce Engineering 10X Action
  • Fusion Pro Shooting Systems Chassis and Scope Rail
  • NightForce ATACR 7-35 Mil XT Reticle
  • Spuhr Scope Mount
  • KGM R50 Suppressor
  • Bipod X with AccuTac HD50
  • TacomHQ Braxo (x2 when needed)
  • Bertram Brass 416 Hellfire Brass
  • Cutting Edge 550gr Lazer Bullets
  • DNA Custom Engraving Ammo Box
  • MCM Firearms - Marine Corps Red, Sniper Grey, Armor Black Kryptek
  • TriggerTech Diamond Trigger


 All of us at CEB would like to say congrats to Josh and good luck this season! 


We will keep posting ELR match results as they come in. Stay tuned!

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