Shooter Spotlight: Jakub Sidorowicz

Shooter Spotlight: Jakub Sidorowicz

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 This weeks spotlight goes to Jakub Sidorowicz, winner of the King of 2 Miles France! 

Jakub won the King of 2 Miles France was using our 400gr LAZER out of his 375CT (more specs on his build at the bottom of this post). His spotter was Stasiak Maciej. 

Our bullets were also used by the top 5 in this event. 

Top 5 shooters and their spotters in order:

Jakub Sidorowicz/Maciej Stasiak :  400gr Lazer
Quentin Ratel/Stephane Ratel: 550gr Lazer
Alix Gineste/Benjamin Gineste: 400gr Lazer
Mahmoud Elbalawy/Daniel Shepherd: 500gr Lazer
Tomasz Kirczuk/Joanna Szczepanska-Kirczul:  400gr Lazers

Interview with Jakub:

Q: Match Name/Date/Location of your Win:
A: KO2M in France/ 25-28.04.2024/ 1-st place

Q: How long have you been shooting Extreme Long Range? 
A: 1 year ELR but before, 8 years LR

Q: What drew you to Extreme Long Range competitive shooting? 
A: Magic and … the possibility of development

Q: What drew you to Cutting Edge Bullets and how did you hear about us? 

A: From my friend Tomasz Kirczuk

Q: Have you shot other monolithic bullets before?  If so, what convinced you to change brands? 
A: no

Q: In your opinion, what is the biggest difference between monolithic bullets and lead core bullets that you’ve experienced while shooting? 

A: Predictable cooperation with Kestrel … In my opinion

Q: What are your goals for the 2024 season
A: After winning KO2M in France, don’t know exactly, this situations surprised me, but I think I want to start in all polish competitions like:

  • Polish Championships in May /Orzysz
  • Polish Cup in June and November /Zielonka
  • East Bullet Holes in October /Orzysz

Q: Tell us about your rifle and ammo: 

Rifle: Victrix Crown in .375CheyTac 
NF Wedge Prism
Cutting Edge Bullets 400gr Lazer
Peterson Brass
RS80 powder
Federal GM Magnum primer 


Congratulations to Jakob and his spotter Maciej on this huge victory & good luck this season! 

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