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This Black Friday weekend, we are going BIG. We are offering the largest discounts we have ever offered, so now is the time to stock up on bullets!

Here's this weekends' breakdown:

10% off orders $100 or more + free patch
15% off orders $200 or more + free shipping
20% off order $400 or more+ free shipping
25% off orders $1,000+ plus free shipping +free mystery gift* 

*Mystery gifts include, but are not limited to: hats, t-shirts, hoodies, & flags. Only while supplies last!
*Discounts are not valid on any accessories or apparel

We are also offering extra savings throughout the weekend!

Our inventory levels were low for a while, but we are pleased to say that we have almost everything in stock. Any of our copper bullets that are out of stock are shipped within 3-4 weeks.