NEW Loaded Ammunition

NEW Loaded Ammunition

NEW! Maximus® Loaded ammunition 

We've been making bullets since 2008, and for the first time ever, we are proud to introduce our new line of fully loaded rifle ammunition. This ammunition is loaded with our popular MAXIMUS® bullets which are a solid copper, lathe turned design. 

Why MAXIMUS® Loaded Ammunition?


  • RANGE: 0-1,000yds


Our MAXIMUS® line is designed to shed 4-6 petals after 1-2" of penetration while the base continues. This is a controlled expansion that is engineered into each bullet. The number of petals that break off is determined by impact velocity (faster=more petals). We consider this type of expansion to be "fracturing" rather than "fragmenting" since fragmenting typically means the bullet breaks into small pieces in an unpredictable quantity. 

What's the benefit of a solid copper, lathe turned bullet?

 -Since each bullet is manufactured on a CNC Swiss style lathe, we are able to keep extremely strict tolerances on all of our bullets compared to any other manufacturing method. We guarantee a weight deviation of no more than 0.2gr between bullets in a box. Concentricity between bullets = more consistency in POI for every shot fired. It's that simple. 

-Manufacturing these bullets on a CNC Swiss lathe also means we can control the way they expand (mentioned above)

-A monolithic, lathe turned design also means that our bullet hold together no matter how fast you shoot them. You never have to worry about our bullets "coming apart" before getting to the target. 

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