King of 2 Miles 2018 Recap

King of 2 Miles 2018 Recap

 It was another exciting year at the King of 2 Miles at the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico. Days 1 and 2 were qualifications and finals were held on day 3. 



Target ranges day 1&2:

Cold bore (1 shot)- 1689yds
Target 1 (5 shots)-1547yds
Target 2 (3 shots)-1719yds
Target 3 (3 shots)- 1890yds
Target 4 (3 shots)- 2095yds


Target ranges day 3:

Cold bore (1 shot)-2615yds
Target 1 (5 shots)- 2727yds
Target 2 (5 shots)- 3166yds
Target 3 (2 mile target) (5 shots)- 3525yds


Each target after the cold bore had to be hit in order to move on to the next one. Shooters had a total of 10 minutes to move through the targets. 


There were 63 shooters total and only the top 10 were able to move on to finals.


  1. Robert Brantley - .416 Barrett with our 500gr Lazer
  2. John Buhey- .375 Cheytac Improved with a 353gr Lehigh Defense Match bullet
  3. Paul Phillips- .416 Barrett with our 550gr Lazer
  4. Duncan Davis- .375 Cheytac with our 400gr Lazer
  5. Gene Nowaczyk- .375 Cheytac with our 377gr MTAC
  6. Tom Manners- .416 Barrett with 500gr Lazer
  7. James Foster- .375 Cheytac with our 400gr Lazer (needs confirmed)
  8. Rudy Gonsior- .375 Cheytac with 400gr Lazer
  9. Libert O’Sullivan- .375 Libert with our 377gr MTAC
  10. Jeff Heeg- Warner Tool Company Flatline


Congrats to Robert Brantley and all of the top 10 for their amazing performance! 


We’d also like to congratulate Gene Nowaczyk of team Cutting Edge Bullets for his fifth place finish. Awesome shooting Gene, glad to have you on our team.


As a continuation of our support for the ELR community, we gave out cash prizes each day of the match. Days 1 & 2, the top 3 placings using Cutting Edge Bullets were awarded $500, $300, and $200. The top 3 overall were awarded $750, $500 and $250. There were tons of great prizes given out not only to the top finishers, but every competitor at the event! Every competitor had the opportunity to pick something from the prize table. 


Four years ago when the first King of 2 Miles match was put on, we were lucky if 5 people in the competition were using our bullets. This year, over 55% of the competitors were using our bullets, including 8/10 of the top 10, and the 3 people who made an impact on the 2 mile target. 


Competitors who hit the 2 mile target

From left to right: 

Robert Brantley- .416 Barrett using our 500gr Lazer
Paul Philips- .416 Barret using our 550gr Lazer
Duncan Davis- .375 Cheytac using our 400gr Lazer


Anyone shooting ELR knows it is challenging, and shooting in competition setting presents even more challenges. The conditions were fluctuating dramatically from minute to minute, and wind was shifting constantly making it extremely difficult to call. The caliber of competition was top notch, so thank you to all of the competitors for bringing your a-game and helping this community of shooters grow. 


We’re already looking forward to next year!

Have questions about ELR? Email us at We're happy to help.


(P.S. Shout out to Tactiholics for the amazing photo coverage they provided us for the event)