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At first glance you may think our bullets are fragmenting or frangible. We're here to explain why we're not. 



When people first see pictures of how our bullets expand, the intial reaction is to compare us to manufacturers of frangible or fragmenting ammunition. We designed our bullets to be different. 

The term frangible or fragmenting suggests that the front portion of the bullet breaks off into numerous, tiny pieces. The key difference with our bullets is that the expansion is controlled. 

Our bullets will function the same way every time. You will always get 4-6 petals depending on impact velocity. What's the benefit of this? 

Rather than an unpredictable amount of small petals coming off,  our bullets provide 4-6 larger, heavier petals. These petals carry more energy and penerate deeper than smaller pieces. 

All of our hollow points are designed to fracture in this way, but each bullet line will give a different number of petals. 

Petals per product line:

Maximus: 4-6
MTH: 6-8
LAZER: 3-6 
ER Raptor: 6
FB Raptor: 6
ESP Raptor: 6
HG Raptor: 4
PHD home defense ammunition: 4
MZL Raptor:4
MZL Maximus: 4-6
Maximus® Loaded Ammunition: 4-6



Our PHD Personal Home Defense ammunition is one of our original lines. This line also uses our fracturing technology was extremely helpful in making sure this defense ammo doesnt over penerate.  We also chose to load to standard pressure rather than +P to further eliminate over peneration. 




Hopefully this clarifies how our bullets are different from frangible bullets. As always, if you have any question, feel free to contact us at


Thanks for reading!