They're finally here. The CuRx™ 22LR monolithic bullets. 


   We'd like to give a special shoutout to those who made this project possible:

Defense Solutions, LLC
Tangent Theta
Flatline Ops
McRee Precision
Rifle Basix
Manson Reamers
Trigger Tech
Baer Custom Rifles
Robert Vestal



Monolithic, solid copper, lathe turned, 22lr bullets. Need we say more? 

You've heard the hype, and now it's here. Our 22lr bullets are here! These are a solid copper, CNC turned projectile, and they are available in 3 weights: 32gr (for standard 1:16" twist), 42gr (1:10" twist) & 50gr (1:6" twist).  The design features our patented SealTite™ band, as well as our new patent-pending double driving band feature.

Quality brass is an essential component to making these bullets fly accurately and consistently. After a long search, we found a manufacturer willing to sell us brass in bulk, and the order will arrive by the end of January. These bullets are being sold as a bundle with primed, spun brass.  They are offered in 200ct bundles. 

Each 200 count bundle comes with equal parts quality primed, spun brass. We are also selling die sets that contain a shell holder, sizing die and crimping die. 











These bullets are available for purchase now!

We would like to note that these bullets MUST be loaded with the supplied brass in order to get satisfactory results. Pulling lead bullets from premium loaded ammo and using that brass is also not a good option since doing so does not remove the crimp. Another reason this doesn’t work is because our bullets are light in comparison to lead core bullets, therefore they require a different charge than lead core bullets to get good accuracy.

We will be offering a heavier bullet at a later date once we finalize the design. These bullets will be for faster twist rate barrels (1:9" or faster). We will send out an email and post on social media once these are available. Join our email list by clicking HERE

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Q & A:

Q: Will these bullets magazine feed in my 22lr? 

A: Yes, these are designed to magazine feeding in standard 22lr magazines. 

Q: Are these designed for match shooting or hunting?

A: Both. With the CuRx, you get match grade quality bullets AND deeper penetration than what you would see with any other 22lr bullets on the market.

Q: What powder do you use for with these?

A: We recommend starting with 2.1 grains of Vhita Vhouri 3N37 and working up from there. 

Q: Can I use other brands of brass with these bullets?

A: We highly advise against using any brass other than what is included with these bullets.

Q:  I don’t reload; Will you be offering loaded ammo?

A: Eventually we will offer the fully loaded ammo, but right now we do not have an anticipated release date.

Q: How difficult are these to reload?

A: We created our own die set and shell holder to make reloading these simple and easy. They are quite small so handling with care is advised!

Q: Do you offer any heavier weights?

A: Currently, we do not have any heavier weights available. We are in the process of developing a heavier weight for faster twist rifles (1:9” or faster) and it will be released in the coming months. Make sure you follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our emails to stay in the loop in everything new! 



Below is a list of each powder we have tested with our 32gr CuRx






 *Dealers who are interested in carrying our product, please reach out to support@cuttingedgebullets.com for pricing.