22lr Reading 22lr - NEW WEIGHTS CONFIRMED 2 minutes Next Load Development- JP 6.5 CREEDMOOR

*** UPDATE ***

This post is outdated! Check out THIS POST for updated info! 

You already know we launched the 32gr CuRx™ on New Years Day. But now we are releasing 2 heavier weight bullets to add to the line!

Above are the confirmed weights with their required twist rate listed below. Please note that the twist rates listed are the minimum required, so faster twist rates than what is listed for each bullet will work. The 32gr are for use in all standard 22lr while the 42gr and 50gr will require faster twist barrels to stabilize. 

The design is finalized, and they will be available for purchase once testing is complete and BC numbers are confirmed. They will be available for purchase in bundles which will include 200 bullets and 200pcs of primed, spun brass. Our die sets are able to be used with each weight. 

Despite the awful weather we've been experiencing lately, we were able to get some testing done with the 42gr and 50gr and the numbers are in!
Testing was completed with the Oehler 89 System.
This has been a really fun project for us and we are excited to have 3 confirmed weights that we think will be absolutely awesome in competition. We will have the 42gr and 50gr added to the website by early next week at the latest. Follow us on social media or subscribe to our emails for the latest updates!
22lr 42gr
G1 BC=.187 G7 BC= .113
BC SD= .001 BC SD= .000
BC ES= .002 BC ES= .001
Muzzle velocity 1537fps average
22lr 50gr
G1 BC= .214 G7 BC= .139
BC SD= .001 BC SD= .000
BC ES= .002 BC ES= .001
Muzzle velocity 1350fps average

To view the original post about the CuRx, click HERE.

To purchase a bundle including the 32gr bullets, or to purchase a die set, click HERE

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