40cal 165gr Rifle Maximus-50ct
40cal 165gr Rifle Maximus-50ct
40cal 165gr Rifle Maximus-50ct


40cal 165gr Rifle Maximus-50ct

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The new MZL Maximus™ high BC muzzleloader bullet was designed for use in in-line muzzleloaders and could possibly be the most accurate muzzleloader bullet ever made. These bullets were designed for that after 1-2" of penetration, 4 blades break off and radiate outward away from the main wound channel while the base continues through for even deeper penetration creating a massive amount of trauma.

To use in a .45Cal muzzleloader, you will need the light blue Harvester Crush Rib Sabots found under Accessories and Supplies.

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40cal 165gr Rifle Maximus-50ct

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Please check your twist rate to make sure you can stabilize this bullet.


This is a hollow point hunting bullet with an exceptional BC and incredible terminal performance. After 1-2" of penetration, 4 blades break off and radiate outward in a star pattern while the base continues through for even deeper penetration.

This bullet was designed to have the BC of our MTH/MTAC line with the terminal performance of our Raptor™ series.

Customer Reviews

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Joe C
Pig Hunt

I used this bullet on a wild boar hunt. One shot the boar went down where he stood. 77grns by weight of blackthorn 209. Will use the same in Nov."24.

Kevin W

Awesome terminal performance. Took a very nice whitetail buck on my first outing with them. He was DRT. The sabots are some of the best I've ever used. They opened perfectly and are very consistent. I recovered over 30 from two different rifles between 10 and 12 feet from the muzzle. Glad I found them and purchased them. There was a problem with the delivery on my end and Cutting Edges customer service was fast and made sure I got my products. Couldn't be happier!

Ryan M

Was unable to get it to group out of a Cva Acura L-RX tried 2 different sabots and the blue one from cutting edge was to loose in the barrel so it didn’t seal the gas and had erratic velocities and 4 foot groups at 100 yards, mmp sabots were a little bit better, only bullet from cutting edge I’ve had a problem with.

It sounds like your barrel is a bit oversized. There is a known inconsistency with muzzleloader barrels across the board. Sometimes a lubed patch on the base of the sabot will help to seal the barrel and make up for that void. If you have the means to pin your barrel and see what the actual diameter is, that may help to narrow down what is going on.

Aurie D

Bullets were supposed to be knurled- they were not. They also were listed as “in stock” at time of order, then immediately status changed to “back order” and received non-knurled bullets two months later.

Bruce R

Have not received anything from Cutting Edge. After entering an order on-line for 165 gr. bullets, I called your firm and spoke with a nice lady. She allowed me to delete the order for 165 gr. bullets and replace it with an order for two dozen 240 gr. 40x45 bullets with sabots and a loading jag to properly seat them. I am eagerly anticipating delivery. I cannot give a proper "STAR Review" at this time as I have not yet received any bullets. I will therefore give three stars as you did at least follow up on the order. Thank you for your follow-up. When do you anticipate being able to fill my order? Bruce Rae, [****], [****]