The #1 ELR Bullet on the Market

The #1 ELR Bullet on the Market

Cutting Edge Bullets are officially used by the most ELR match champions than any other bullet on the market. If they perform this well at 2 miles, imagine how well they perform at ranges under that.

This year, for the 4th consecutive year, Cutting Edge Bullets' is once again the reigning champion bullet of the King of 2 Miles. 

This year was the 6th annual King of 2 Miles match in Raton, New Mexico. Shooters from all over the world gathered at the NRA Whittington Center to put their skills to the test. 

The showing this year was fantastic, and the competition was tough. Shooters shot at ranges from 1500-3600yds. 


Course of fire: 

Day 1 & 2: Target ranges will be approximately 1500 to 2600 yards. Shooters will have 5 minutes to set up and 9 minutes to complete their five target string firing a total of 13 rounds. The procedure is simple, after the cold bore target, which is a single round, the team must hit a target to move to the next. The first 3 rounds fired at each one of the targets (past the CB) is for score, after that, the team is firing only to get a hit in order to advance to the next. So in theory, a team can end up firing 12 rounds at target one. Teams must fire at least 3 rounds at a target and get a hit before moving on. The top scoring teams will advance to the finals on day three. This number has yet to be determined, but is normally one finalist for every five shooters. (i.e. 100 shooters = 20 finalists)

Day 3 (Finals): Target ranges will be approximately 2600 to 3600 yards. The top scoring teams will proceed to the finals. Shooters will have 5 minutes to set up and 10 minutes to complete the three target course of fire. Time allowing, shooters will fire a total of 15 shots. The team must hit the target in order to advance to the next and fire a minimum of 5 shots before proceeding to the next target. Hits after the fifth shot will allow progression to the next target but will award no points.


Ultimately, Lindsey Paul was dubbed this years King of 2 Miles with her outstanding shpwing. All of us at Cutting Edge want to give a big congratulations to Lindsey and her spotter Robert Waggoner on 
their incredible showing. Lindsey also received the most hits at the 2 mile target in the history of the match, with a total of 3 hits! Lindsey was using our 400gr Lazer out of her 375CT.


Top 15 placements:

2nd Place - Ryan Cheney of the Manners Composite Stocks team rocked day 1 of qualifying with the highest score ever recorded at 63,099 points. Ryan cleaned T1, T2 and T3 in qualifying to secure his day 1 spot with the help of spotter Steve Ream. In finals, Ryan had 4 hits on T5, 2 hits on T6 and one hit on the 2 mile plate. Ryan was using our 400gr Lazers.
3rd Place - Jay Dvorsky was not using our bullets for this years KO2M but he was the only competitor shooting a 460 Steyr to make it to the finals.
4th Place - Joe Kaiser of Team Sterling Precision LLC has had an awesome season. Joe shoots our 500gr Lazers out of his .416 Stroker.
5th Place - Rei Hoang of JJ ROCK CO. uses our 400gr Lazers in her .375 CT built by JJ Rock Co.
6th Place - Jeff Medlin of Alamo Precision Rifles uses our 400gr Lazers in his .375 built by Alamo.
7th Place - Stanley Cutsforth of Team Cutting Edge Bullets uses our 525gr Lazers in his .416 Hellfire built by Robert Vestal.
8th Place - Paul Phillips of Global Precision Group was the 2019 King and uses our 550gr Lazers in his .416 Barrett.
9th Place - Peter Renwick of GA Firing Line had an awesome showing at his first ever KO2M competition. Peter uses our 550gr Lazers.
10th Place - Curtis Roman of Team Sterling Precision LLC uses our 500gr Lazers in his .416 Stroker. This was Curtis' first ever KO2M!
11th Place - Jeff Parker of Team Cutting Edge Bullets uses our 525gr Lazers in his .416 Barrett built by team member and spotter Gene Nowaczyk. Great team work guys!!
12th Place - Mitch Fitzpatrick of Applied Ballistics LLC
13th Place - Kasey Jones of Team Cutting Edge Bullets uses our 525gr Lazers in his 41XC built by Robert Vestal
14th Place - Steve Ream of the Manners Composite Stocks team was the first to shoot on finals day. Steve uses our 400gr Lazers in his .375 and celebrated a great match with team mate Ryan Cheney.
15th Place - Jaclyn Bryan of the Manners Composite Stocks team rounded out the top 15 shooters that made it to the finals.
These were the top 15 shooters out of 77 who attended the 2021 KO2M competition.

We'd like to take the time to thank some people:

Thank you to all of the shooters using our bullets at this years match. Nine out of the top 10 shooters were using our bullets, and we couldnt be more proud of that fact. Thank you all for your support and for believing in our product.

To Team Cutting Edge Bullets, awesome job this year! You guys had an outstanding showing and we couldn't be more proud to have you on our team. 

We'd also like to give a big thank you to the organizers and staff of the event for making this match a success. Without you, none of it would be possible. We know you guys work hard to not only on the day of the match, but all year to organize and prepare for it. Your efforts do not go unnoticed. 




Until next year!

-Cutting Edge Bullets