Shooter Spotlight: Tim Sellars

Shooter Spotlight: Tim Sellars

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This weeks shooter spotlight is on Tim Sellars, winner of the Sand Creek 4k in Paxton, KS. Tim was using our 425gr LAZER for this win. The top 5 in this match were also using Cutting Edge Bullets!


Name/General Location:
A: Western Kansas

Match Name/Date/Location of your Win: 
A: Sand Creek 4 K . Paxton, Kansas

How long have you been shooting Extreme Long Range? 
A: Roughly 20 years ,I started out shooting thousand yard bench rest and then there was talk of of one mile side matches going at the 1000 yard nationals and from that moment  I was hooked on extreme long range. 

Q: What drew you to Extreme Long Range competitive shooting?
A: The fun of it but mostly trying to prove out new sniper rifle technologies to keep our snipers safe with the most accurate rifles we can give them. 

Q: What drew you to Cutting Edge Bullets and how did you hear about us?
A: Bruce Baer had recommended I look them up at the first King of Two Miles back in 2015, Dan Smitcho and Dervin Wick were shooting in the match and making a lot of hits with Dan winning the match. Dan and Durvin both shot very consistently during the match and that caught my attention. 

Later talking to Dan about his bullets I tried some for ELR and won the worlds longest shot with them, I have been shooting them in ELR every since then and never looked back. 

Have you shot other monolithic bullets before?  If so, what convinced you to change brands?
A: I had never shot them before because of reports tolerance issues, there were not many monolithic bullet producers back in 2001 that could hold good enough tolerances to be competitive. Todays machining is much improved and tolerances are held much better now.     

In your opinion, what is the biggest difference between monolithic bullets and lead core bullets that you’ve experienced while shooting
A: I think the most notable difference  is with monolithic bore riders you get boost in velocities for a given chamber pressure over jacketed lead core. And additionally a more consistently shaped bullet  

What are your goals for the 2024 season?
A: Practice more in the winds ,gain more improved strategies for time management on the line and just try to progress every day. 

Tell us about your rifle and ammo: 
Manners LRT stock
Stiller action
Triggertech Diamond trigger
K&P Barrel at 36 inches
Nightforce ATACR 7-35 
Coldshot base with lockout .
Bipod is a Phoenix and I switch my Accutac bipod ocasionally. Both are great .
For the Ammo I use Peterson 9.5x77 brass
Federal 215 M primers and Hodgon H50 with the CEB 425 Lazer.


CEB wants to congratulate Tim on his win! We acknowledge your hard work and dedication to the sport!