Shooter Spotlight: Patrick Bieck

Shooter Spotlight: Patrick Bieck

This week's Shooter Spotlight is on Patrick Bieck, winner of the ELR Southeast Spring Shootout, which took place this past weekend in Lebanon, Virginia. He was using our 800gr LAZER out of his 50BMG. 

50cal's have been making quite a splash in the Extreme Long Range match world this season. In fact, 5 of the top 10 shooters were using our 800gr LAZER for this match!

50cal shooters using CEB at this match (Left to Right):
Dwayne Russell, Patrick Bieck, Richard Biggio, Dale Dyals, Hunter Adkins, Craig Martin, David Adkins

Interview with Patrick 

Q: Match Name/Date/Location of your Win:
A: ELR southeast spring shootout, April 27-28 2024, Moccasin Valley Precision, Lebanon va

Q: How long have you been shooting Extreme Long Range?  
A: I have been shooting elr since 2017

Q: What drew you to Extreme Long Range competitive shooting?
A: I have always wanted to shoot further than the 1000 yard bench rest. Spearpoint ranch started to have matches out to 2200 yards. They have had matches out to 4400 yards, but i have had impacts out to 3200! I won the world, and 2 gun in 2019, and than went to Blakely GA in fall of 2019. Won big match there with my 50. Had 20 impacts in a row. Been shooting every since. 

Q: What drew you to Cutting Edge Bullets and how did you hear about us? A: They were on a prize table at a 50 cal bench rest Match. Picked them up my dad shot a Match with them, and we never looked back.

Q: Have you shot other monolithic bullets before?  If so, what convinced you to change brands?
A: I used brass bullets up until we tried the solid copper mtac bullets, and now I use the lazers for ELR.

Q: In your opinion, what is the biggest difference between monolithic bullets and lead core bullets that you’ve experienced while shooting?
A: Monolithic bullets are more consistent, and closer in weight than the lead core bullets.

 Q: What are your goals for the 2024 season?
A: To represent Cutting Edge Bullets in the best way that I can, and to show the shooting community that the 50 BMG is just as capable as all other calibers in Heavy gun. 

Q: Tell us about your rifle and ammo:
AR 50 cal Armalite
36 1/2 inch Lilja barrel
Mark 5 HD 5×25 in moa
RWS brass,
RWS primer,
Reloader 50 powder
800 grain Cutting Edge Lazer 
Accu-Tac HD 50 bi pod
Trigger Tech special trigger

Congratulations to borth Patrick Bieck and his spotter, Dwayne Russell on this victory! We can't wait to see what else you guys do this year!

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