New 50ct Boxes

We switched all of our 20 and 25 count boxes to 50 count boxes. So dont be alarmed if the bullets you typically order are up in price! The following items are now 50ct:

Maximus 20ct 40cal 165gr MZL
Maximus 20ct 40cal 240gr MZL
Maximus 20ct 44cal 210gr MZL
Maximus 20ct 44cal 250gr MZL
Maximus 20ct 44cal 210gr MZL
Maximus 20ct 44cal 250gr MZL
Maximus 20ct 44cal 275gr MZL
FB S258 20ct (.458 258gr FB Raptor)
MTAC X01 25ct (50cal 802gr)
MTAC X02 25ct (50cal 762gr)
MTAC X03 25ct (50cal 720gr)
MTH X04 25ct (50cal 798gr)
ESP S300 Raptor 20ct (.458 300gr ESP Raptor)
ESP W350 Raptor 20ct (.500 350gr ESP Raptor)

As always, if you have any questions, reach out to us!

(814) 345-6690 M-F 8am-4pm EST

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