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Suggested gun cleaning procedures straight from CEB. 


Superb long range accuracy requires proper care for your rifle. Below is a method of cleaning we have used for several years which works very well keeping the barrel in top condition and shooting well.

You should never shoot more than 50-60 rounds through the barrel before cleaning for best barrel care. If your particular barrel likes to be a little dirty, the first few rounds after cleaning will more than likely not shoot as well as the next groups fired.

Remove Muzzle Brake by inserting a proper fitting long arm allen wrench into the holes closest to the barrel muzzle. Hit the allen wrench with your hand hard and quick or better yet use a hammer. It will be fairly tight. Some people prefer to not remove the muzzle brake. If leaving the muzzle brake on during cleaning, it is wise to clean the holes or ports out using an aerosol spray like brake or contact cleaner.
Set up rifle on bench with the muzzle pointing down to prevent fluid from running back into the trigger assembly.
Insert cleaning rod bore guide. Slip a cloth under the bore guide and over the back of the stock to catch excess fluid from rod and bore guide.
Install patch loop on cleaning rod, fold patch and insert it into the loop. Soak with Wipe- Out Patch-Out and push once through the bore and then pulling back through the bore. Repeat with a new patch until all heavy deposits are not visible on the patch. Once heavy deposits are not visible you can run the same patch through the bore multiple times. You will probably use 6-10 patches depending on the amount of rounds fired.
Twist off patch loop and install the bronze brush.
Soak brush with Wipe Out Patch Out and push through bore. Add more Wipe Out Patch each time the brush appears out of the bore guide for the first 10 strokes. Continue pushing in and out for 10-15 more strokes.
Rinse brush in water removing solvent, cleaning it for the next use.
Let cleaner soak in the bore 15 minutes or overnight if you prefer.
Install patch loop on the cleaning rod and cleaning patch. Soak with cleaning solvent and run through bore a couple of times.
Run clean patches through bore until patches come out clean and dry.
Remove bore guide and clean chamber with clean patches. Brake or contact cleaner should then be applied to a clean patch and swab the chamber out with it removing any residue. It is important to have clean chambers when shooting magnum cartridges or excess pressure can be created on the bolt.
Insert bore guide and run one more clean patch through the bore.
Using a clean patch put a few drops of a good oil like Kroil on it and run through the bore a couple of times. Put a new clean patch on the rod and run it one time through the bore removing any excess oil. This will leave a tiny bit of oil in the bore and the rifle will be ready to shoot. Wipe the threads on the barrel end and inside of the muzzle break with the oiled patch used for lubing the barrel and install the muzzle break.
Clean the bolt and lightly coat with Kroil. Put a light dab of grease and the back of the bolt lugs.
Note: It is wise to store your rifle until fired with the muzzle down to prevent an oil like Kroil oil from creeping into the chamber. Once the first shot is fired rifle can be stored muzzle up.

Cool your barrel after every 5-6 shots in warm weather. Your group may open up if not.