ELR World Record Event Report

ELR World Record Event Report

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Match Recap- ELR World Record Event

 The ELR World Record Event organized by ELR Central took place on January 21 at Front Site Range in Pahrump, Nevada.

There were over 30 shooters who entered the match which exceeded expectations. The shooters were given the opportunity to attempt the world record twice, one opportunity in the morning and one in the afternoon. The morning relay started at 8am, and afternoon relays started at 1pm. Paul Philips of Global Precision Group was the match organizer.

A few of the rules:

-       World Record will be 3 out of 3 direct impacts on a 36” plate with no practice shots or sighters.

-       Max of 2 attempts total per shooter for the day with no less than 4 hours between each attempt.

-       Rifle weight limit of 50lbs. No rail guns or bolted down systems. No limit on optics, cartridge, caliber, bullet, or aiming devices.

-       Targets will be located at distances from 1500-2500+ yds. Distances not announced until day of match.

-       Each shooter may have 1 spotter. Spotter and shooter must stay as a team for the entire day.

-       Time limit of 3 minutes/shooter once command to fire is given.


The complete list of rules can be viewed HERE




In the morning, conditions could not have been more perfect. Very low wind, although the sun was strong with slight mirage. There were three people who hit 3 out of 3 in the morning, thus setting the official world record at those yardages:

  1. Paul Philips- 1500yds
  2. John Armstrong- 1500yds
  3. Nate Stalter- 1768yds




The afternoon relay started at 1pm and at this point, wind speeds picked up immensely. Not only were wind speeds high, but the direction was inconsistent and constantly changing. There was only one person who hit 3/3 the second half of the day, and that was once again Nate Stalter who hit the record setting distance of 2500yds.



-Tubb Adaptive Target Rifle

-35 inch Gary Schneider barrel with a 1:7 twist

-Tubb bipod

-Leupold Mark 8 scope with Tubb Dynamic Targeting Reticle

-Tubb T7T two-stage trigger

-Magneto speed (chronograph) that was mounted on forend tube of rifle.

-.375 Cheytac using Peterson Brass, 134grains of Reloader 33 powder, 364grain Warner flatline bullet with patent pending nose ring modification.


At the reception following the match, awards were given to both John and Paul, and Nate was awarded the official record setting trophy. Certificates were also given to the other distance record setters, and prizes from the match sponosrs were also given at random to all shooters. 


Our CMO Samantha also presented a check for $1,000 to Nate for this huge accomplishment. Congrats Nate!



We want to personally thank Paul Phillips for organizing this event. It was an event that needed to be established, and is a huge step in the right direction for the ELR community. 

Also, thank you to all of the sponsors who donated prizes and contributed to making this match a huge success. Without the support of these companies, the match would not have been what it was.

As the ELR community grows, we are looking forward to the innovations that and progression of the sport. 





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