Bullet of the Week- .375 350gr

Bullet of the Week- .375 350gr

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With the increasing popularity of long range shooting, larger calibers are becoming more and more utilized. Fortunately, long range, high BC large calibers are where are bullets really shine.

The very first bullets we designed were our MTH (Match/Tactical/Hunting) and MTAC (Match/Tactical/Hunting) lines which were designed for applications where high BC is a must. We started with .308 caliber and from there the line grew to over 100 SKU's.

Our .375 350gr MTH bullet is by far our most popular bullet and in fact, it was our highest selling bullet in 2016. This is due to the increasing popularity of the 9.5x77 cartridge used by many long range hunters and shooters world wide. All of our MTH and MTAC bullets feature our patented SealTite™ band which is a band slightly larger than caliber diameter designed to create a sealing effect upon firing to decrease gas blow by and copper fouling which occurs with conventional monometal bullets. Lead core bullets "upset" upon being shot, meaning that the base of the bullet expands which creates a sealing effect in the barrel. This eliminates blow by which in turn eliminates fliers. Monometals do not "upset" upon being fired, which means that gasses escape around the bullet, significantly decreasing accuracy. We have eliminated the blow by in monometal bullets by creating our SealTite™ band.

1500yd Group
Single Feed vs. Mag Feed

Why not just shoot lead core you may ask? CNC turned monolithic projectiles offer a significant amount of concentricity from bullet to bullet versus lead core projectiles. Where there may be up to a 1 or even 2 grain weight deviation between lead core bullets, we promise no more than a .4 grain weight deviation between our large caliber bullets in a given box.

Why does this weight deviation and concentricity matter? Because at ranges of 600yds+, every little factor goes into creating an accurate, high precision shooting experience. The 350gr .375 MTH is a single feed bullet. The difference between our single feed and mag feed bullets is the location of the SealTite band. On the single feed bullet, the SealTite band is located further down on the bullet which creates more case capacity.

For load data and any other questions, give us a call at (814) 345-6690 or email us at support@cuttingedgebullets.com.

Happy shooting!

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