What are the King of 2 Miles Competitors Shooting?

What are the King of 2 Miles Competitors Shooting?

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We're diving into what makes our bullets a popular choice among the King of 2 Miles competitors.


2015 was the first year the King of 2 Miles match was held in Raton, New Mexico at the NRA Whittington Center. Since then, the popularity of this match has taken off, and so has the use of our bullets by the shooters participating. This year was the 6th year in a row the King of 2 Miles champion was using our bullets. In addition, 13/14 of the top 14 shooters were also using our bullets in this years' match. This means that our bullets have officially won 7 out of the 8 total King 2 Miles matches that have taken place thus far. 

If you've ever been on our website, you have probably noticed the immense number of product lines and SKU's we have to offer. So which ones are the match shooters using?

The Bullet Lines of Choice

Shooters using our bullets are using either our MTAC or LAZER bullets, which are both solid copper, lathe turned projectiles. All of our bullets are turned on a CNC Swiss Style lathe, which means they are extremely concentric from bullet to bullet. Concentricty means greater predictability, which in turn means better accuracy.

The MTAC line is a solid, non-expanding bullet. Strangly enough, the Lazer bullet has a deep hollowpoint and a polymer tip in the end. Originally designed as a hunting bullet, the Lazers were eventually proven to produce extremely low ES numbers (within .005) making them a popular choice among ELR shooters. Their BC is not as high as the MTAC line, but their consistency in BC numbers is higher, particularly past transonic. To read more about our LAZER bullets, read our post on the #1 Extreme Long Range bullet on the market. 




Calibers of Choice

During the first few years of KO2M, the .375 CT and other .375 derivatives were the popular choice. Now, the most popular cartridge in the top 10 this year at the King of 2 Miles is the .416 Barrett, proving superior past transonic flight. Knowing this, we created heavier .416 options including a 525gr and 550gr which were the most popular. The third most popular was our .375 400gr, which is still by far our best selling bullet among ELR shooters. We sell more of the .375 400gr LAZER than any other bullets we manufacture combined. 


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