10yr Old Customer Takes Feral Goat

10yr Old Customer Takes Feral Goat

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Great message we received from our customer Kalsey about his 10yr old taking a feral goat with our 65gr MTH!

"Here is my 10 year old son with a nice feral goat. He made a perfect quartering away shot at 187 yds. I had complete confidence that your 65 grain (.224) MTH would penetrate enough to damage his vitals. He dropped instantly for an ethical kill. While skinning, I found 3 petals just under his skin on the far side but the base passed completely through leaving a 2" exit hole. A big bag full of meat to share and stock our freezer. Again CE MTH bullets prove to be a lethal projectile!!"

-Kalsey N.


Brief disclaimer: Kalsey was in no way compensated to write this testimonial. He's been a long time customer and is a believer in our product. 

One of the benefits of the way our hunting bullets function is that youth hunters can use smaller calibers and rifles with lighter recoil and still recieve BIG results. A big conrats to this guy, and well done on the shot placement!