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.308 Cal - 200 gr - 50 ct MTH-Single Feed, Match/Tactical/Hunt

.308 Cal - 200 gr - 50 ct MTH-Single Feed, Match/Tactical/Hunt
This caribou was taken using the MTH C22 at 793 yards.
Deb took this caribou using the MTH C22 at 360 yards.
Ronnie Philips took this 210
.308 Cal - 200 gr - 50 ct MTH-Single Feed, Match/Tactical/Hunt
Price: $65.52
Quantity: 50 Count


This bullet is designed for single shot rifles or for individuals willing to shoot their rifles loading a single round of ammunition into the chamber and not into a magazine. A bore rider is incorporated in the design to ensure premature contact with the lands does not occur. COAL will be the brass trimmed to trim length + 1.155" bullet projection for recommended SealTiteTM Band position. Rifle must have a minimum throat depth of .237" in order to shoot this bullet. Bullets can be seated deeper by up to .100" if throat depth requirements are not met. A minimum 1-9.5" barrel twist rate with muzzle velocity of 3200fps or greater is required. The BC on this bullet is .610. Muzzle velocity was established using a .300 Tomahawk rifle with a 30" barrel with a barrel twist rate of 1-10". This item is manufactured with a lead-free copper.

Bullet Diameter : .308"

Bullet Weight : 200 grains

Bullet Length : 1.616"

Projection Length : 1.155"

Required Twist Rate : 1:9.5" or faster

G1 Ballistic Coefficient : .610

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