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.308 Cal - 200 gr - 50 ct MTH-Single Feed, Match/Tactical/Hunt (CLEARANCE)

.308 Cal - 200 gr - 50 ct MTH-Single Feed, Match/Tactical/Hunt (CLEARANCE)

This caribou was taken using the MTH C22 at 793 yards.
Deb took this caribou using the MTH C22 at 360 yards.
Ronnie Philips took this 210
.308 Cal - 200 gr - 50 ct MTH-Single Feed, Match/Tactical/Hunt (CLEARANCE)
Price: $42.00
Quantity: 50 Count


*** This bullet is on clearance and has been replaced by item# MTH 308 308 200 MAX. ***

This bullet is designed for single shot rifles or for individuals willing to shoot their rifles loading a single round of ammunition into the chamber and not into a magazine. A bore rider is incorporated in the design to ensure premature contact with the lands does not occur. COAL will be the brass trimmed to trim length + 1.155" bullet projection for recommended SealTiteTM Band position. Rifle must have a minimum throat depth of .237" in order to shoot this bullet. Bullets can be seated deeper by up to .100" if throat depth requirements are not met. A minimum 1-9.5" barrel twist rate with muzzle velocity of 3200fps or greater is required. The BC on this bullet is .610. Muzzle velocity was established using a .300 Tomahawk rifle with a 30" barrel with a barrel twist rate of 1-10". This item is manufactured with a lead-free copper.

Bullet Diameter : .308"

Bullet Weight : 200 grains

Bullet Length : 1.616"

Projection Length : 1.155"

Required Twist Rate : 1:9.5" or faster

G1 Ballistic Coefficient : .610

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