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.338 Cal - 176 gr - 50 ct ER- Extended Range RAPTOR

.338 Cal - 176 gr - 50 ct ER- Extended Range RAPTOR

Trap took this Muley at 550 yards using a .338 Lapua and the ER D176 Raptor bullet.
.338 Cal - 176 gr - 50 ct ER- Extended Range RAPTOR
Price: $71.76
Quantity: 50 Count


The ER (Extended Range) Raptor is a tipped hollow point design and is intended for long-range shooting. This bullet does not have the 13 degree nose profile (BBW#13TM) that the standard ESP RaptorsTM have. This Raptor has a 7 degree boat tail and a tangent ogive for better long range trajectory.

Terminal performance is second to none for putting game on the ground quickly. A minimum of 1500fps impact velocity is required for the hollow point to function as intended.

ER RaptorTM bullets are sold with the Raptor TipsTM already installed.

Terminal Performance

High-speed video

Bullet Diameter : .338"

Bullet Weight : 176 grains

Retained Weight : Approximately 129 grains

Bullet Length : 1.560"

Projection Length : .991"

Required Twist Rate : 1:12" or faster

G1 Ballistic Coefficient : .430

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