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  1. Simply Outstanding

    “I wanted to take a second to write and tell you about the great performance I experienced using your 300gr ESP Raptor

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  2. Accurate and Terminally Devastating

    "I've shot a lot of bullets, both personally and being the host of a hunting show. I've even worked for one of the largest ammunition manufacturers

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  3. A Great Solid Copper Bullet

    "When I got started into the long range game I looked for the highest copper BC bullet I could get do to that I live in California and can only hunt with

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  4. Total Penetration

    "I am emailing you to complain about the performance of the Cutting Edge Bullets 570gr .500 Nitro Express

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  5. Thanks for a Great Product

    I'm an avid reloader and a career engineer, however I've always disregarded product reviews as they seem to

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  6. Bullet Performed Flawlessly

    "I first became aware of CEB in early 2011 while preparing for a Zimbabwe Elephant hunt scheduled for September

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  7. Very Pleased With Your Product

    "Shot my first game today with your 250 gr muzzleloader bullets. The bullets shot very well at the range and I was looking forward to using them.

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  8. Very Accurate Bullets!

    Shot this antelope using your D62 225. Very accurate bullets! Thanks for a great product!

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  9. King of 2 Miles - Match Recap

    The 2016 King of 2 Mile competition is over and it is time to start thinking about next year. Overall we didn’t do terrible...

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