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  1. 10yr Old Customer Takes Feral Goat

    Great message we received from our customer Kalsey about his 10yr old taking a feral goat with our 65gr MTH!

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  2. Tim Heralds' Monster Nile Buffalo!

    Tim Herald is no stranger to taking down some huge trophies in Africa. Read about his adventure in Uganda HERE. Tim uses our .474 460gr Safari Raptors. 

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  3. Barbary Sheep Hunt

    We received a great photo in our email the other day of our customer Jim with a massive Barbary sheep he took! 

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  4. Another Awesome 338 Edge Group!

    From our customer John J: "Attached is a pic of a three shot group from 100yards.

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  5. This Bullet Will Perform

    “I have loaded up the 400 grain HG Solid for my .500 S&W John Ross and planned on using it for bear. So I put a scope on my revolver and went to try it out.

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  6. Sold on the Copper Raptor

    At just under 200 yards, Ryan placed his round (150 gr .308 Copper Raptor from his WSM) just behind the right shoulder.

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  7. Thanks for the Great Bullet

    “Finney M shot this stag with a H&R Handi Rifle in .300 Blackout with a 100gr Raptor behind 19.4gr of Lilgun.

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  8. Simply Outstanding

    “I wanted to take a second to write and tell you about the great performance I experienced using your 300gr ESP Raptor

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  9. Accurate and Terminally Devastating

    "I've shot a lot of bullets, both personally and being the host of a hunting show. I've even worked for one of the largest ammunition manufacturers

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  10. A Great Solid Copper Bullet

    "When I got started into the long range game I looked for the highest copper BC bullet I could get do to that I live in California and can only hunt with

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