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Product Insights



    New 50ct Boxes

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  2. Our Bullet Lines

    “What’s the Difference Between Your Lines?”

    A guide to the question we get asked most frequently

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  3. PHD Personal Home Defense Ammunition

    When it comes to choosing home defense ammunition, the idea is to have something that will stop the threat as soon as possible.

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  4. 10yr Old Customer Takes Feral Goat

    Great message we received from our customer Kalsey about his 10yr old taking a feral goat with our 65gr MTH!

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  5. Home/Personal Defense Ammunition Designs

    When it comes to the ammo you carry, the idea is simple: stop the threat from harming you or your family. The last thing you want is a major threat to keep coming after being only meerly wounded by your ammunition.  That is a terrifying situation no one wants to be in, especially when it comes to your life or the lives of your family.

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  6. Monolithic Match Grade Projectiles

    Mono metal bullets have had a long-standing reputation for being a second best choice for long range and precision shooting. And to be honest, this used to be the case. We wanted to touch on the features that we found to make a superior, match grade, monolithic, solid copper projectile.

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  7. NEW Heavy .416's and .408's

    AVAILABLE NOW - New lineup of .416 and .408 caliber high BC bullets

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  8. The all new MAXIMUS

    The Final Piece of the Puzzle-

    The MAXIMUS 

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  9. Bullet of the Week- .375 350gr

    With the increasing popularity of long range shooting, larger calibers are becoming more and more utilized. Fortunately, long range, high BC large calibers are where are bullets really shine.

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  10. Bullet of the Week - .458 260gr MAXIMUS

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