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.308 150gr Rifle Maximus - 50ct

.308 150gr Rifle Maximus - 50ct

.284/7mm 132gr Rifle Maximus - 50ct

.284/7mm 132gr Rifle Maximus - 50ct

.308 180gr Rifle Maximus - 50ct

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M.308 180


The all new MAXIMUS™ line is a hybrid between our popular high BC MTH™ bullets and our extreme trauma producing Raptor™ bullets.  This truly unique line is the missing piece in the Cutting Edge Bullets product line offering.

Key features of the MAXIMUS:

-Extreme trauma

-High BC

-Heavier weight

-Competitively priced

Cutting Edge has offered an extensive number of bullet lines to fill every need, but the one thing that was missing was a bullet Designed for high BC AND high trauma.  The Maximus™ line is a hybrid between CEB’s high BC MTH (Match/Tactical/Hunting)™ line and their high trauma Raptor™ line, filling in the missing piece of the CEB product line offering.

The Maximus™ is designed so that after 1-2” of penetration, 4 blades break off and radiate outward in a star pattern while the base continues. They feature a sleek, smooth profile and feature Cutting Edges’ unique SealTite™ Band. This patented technology is a band slightly larger than caliber diameter around the body of the bullet which creates a complete seal as the bullet exits the case and maintains that seal until it exits the barrel.  This in turn increases accuracy by eliminating gas blow-by and decreasing copper fouling.

The Maximus line has also been designed to be heavier than the Raptor series making them more appealing to traditional, lead core bullet users. 

More Information
Material Copper, Lead Free
Caliber .308
Diameter .308
OAL 1.437"
Weight 180gr
G1 Ballistic Coefficient .510 (estimated)
Projection Length .785"
Required Twist Rate 1:10" or faster
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